Major R Worthington

Ralph Worthington

Major Ralph Worthington

16th Battalion Cheshire Regiment

On the 17th May 1916 Major R Worthington was killed doing the rounds of posts at Pontruet. Thirty year old Major Ralph Worthington had been second in command of the battalion since July 1915. A former soldier of the Rhodesia Volunteers, he returned to England on the outbreak of war. He was a married man who resided in Glasgow, before enlisting into the Northumberland Fusiliers in October 1914, where he obtained a commission and was gazetted Second Lieutenant in the same regiment. He was promoted to Lieutenant, followed by promotion to Captain in December 1914 and Major the following year. A transfer to the 16th Cheshire Regiment resulted in him serving on the Somme where he was wounded prior to being killed in action near St Quentin. The Brigadier General Commanding 105 Brigade wrote ‘Major Worthington was a most zealous, painstaking and conscientious officer, always looking after the good of his battalion and to the service.” (From The Cheshire Bantams)