Gymnastics Instructor

Becoming qualified

Charles qualified in Gymnastics and Swordsmanship (First Class) on 2nd February 1900. In the picture below, taken in Quetta (then part of India, but now part of Pakistan) in 1901 he is a gym instructor.

Gym Instructor Quetta 1901
Gym Instructor Quetta 1901

In the below picture, Charles is stood at the back, 3rd from left, taken some time between 1901 and 1904.

1st Bttn Gym Instructors
1st Bttn Gym Instructors


Below Charles is pictured as part of the winning Cross Country team in the 1st Battalion Assault-at-arms of 1902, again in Quetta. Charles had been promoted to Corporal on 19th April 1902, so this picture was taken some time between April and December that year.

Assault-at-arms winners
1st Bttn Cross Country winners, Quetta, 1902

The sign reads:

1st Battalion Cheshire Reg, Winners of the Cross Country Race, Assault-at-arms, 1902 Quetta

Pte Smith, Pte Taylor, L/Cpl Hughes, L/Cpl Barnes

Pte Collard, L/Cpl Greenhalgh, Cpl Johnson, L/Cpl Dance

Pte Baxall, Pte Sutcliffe