March 1916

On 7th March the men marched to Gorre for attachment to the 114th Brigade, 38th Division. Here they received instruction in Trench Warfare. Companies were attached to the 10th, 13th, 15th and 17th Welsh Regiments.

Village of Givenchy, March 1916
Village of Givenchy, March 1916

On 10th March the men were in the trenches at Givenchy. There were several casualties during this stay, with those killed in action were buried at Windy Corner Cemetery. They were  released from the trenches on 15th March and headed for Calonne where they were billetted until 25th March, before marching to Estaires where they remained overnight. March ended with the Battalion relieving the 2nd West Yorks Brigade in the Reserve Laventie Sector on 26th March, before relieving the 15th Battalion Sherwood Foresters on the front line four days later at 8pm.

Lt Hewitt
Lt S G Hewitt, Givenchy March 1916